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 The National Trial Lawyers Association

"Top 100 Trial Lawyers"

          Christopher J. Cassar has accepted an invitation to become a member of The National Trial Lawyers Association. Members include: Roy Black, Benjamin Brafman, Jose Baez and Mark Geragos along with many other nationally recognized trial attorneys.

The National Association of Trial Lawyers "Top 100 Trial Lawyers" has recognized Christopher J. Cassar for his dedication, skill and excellence in practice of trial law.


Every person in need of legal representation hopes to encounter a law firm that will faithfully, zealously and truthfully represent and promote their clients’ goals. At The Law Offices of Christopher J. Cassar, P.C., our primary goal is driven by the legal and emotional needs of our clients; not by the billing clock.

At The Law Offices of Christopher J. Cassar, P.C. our staff focuses on resolving our clients’ legal dilemmas as diligently and cost effectively as possible, while making certain that our clients’ emotional and financial needs are met. Our staff consists of a team of investigators, office support staff and experienced attorneys who communicate and completely inform our clients throughout all stages of their legal process. The firm’s attorneys possess the necessary skills and experience – on both negotiation and litigation – to ensure that our clients’ legal needs are expertly pursued, while our entire staff is devoted to utilizing the specific techniques the firm has developed through over 20 years of practice to guide our clients through the all-too-real personal trauma that often accompanies legal matters.

Life changes sometimes require the need of legal counsel. If you have been arrested, injured, are adopting a child, lost a loved one, are planning your estate or buying your first home, allow the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at The Law Offices of Christopher J. Cassar, P.C. to protect your legal rights and advise you of all the possible effects and outcomes of the choices you may make during these times of your life.


Many individuals accused of crimes do not understand the criminal justice process. At The Law Offices of Christopher J. Cassar, P.C. we represent clients in state and federal actions including white collar crimes, DUI/DWI, drug offenses, assaults, weapons possession and domestic violence. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be very serious. Individuals with a professional license at state as well as immigrants require specific advise involving the possible effects of their conviction. At The Law Offices of Christopher J. Cassar, P.C. our experienced criminal attorneys conduct jury trials or negotiate the most advantageous plea bargains. Our experienced attorneys also handle all types of appellate matters at both the state and federal levels. Anyone convicted of a crime faces the stigma of having a criminal record.  Our attorneys fight hard for our clients to avoid a criminal conviction.


Whether you have been a victim of a car accident, an assault, a slip and fall or have suffered injuries due to medical malpractice, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Christopher J. Cassar, P.C. will fight hard the best possible monetary reward for your pain and suffering. Our clients have been awarded MILLIONS of DOLLARS in personal injury settlements and our staff will continue to battle for the best monetary settlements for our clients whether through pre-litigation settlement or verdict after trial.


The attorney’s in the Law Office of Christopher J. Cassar have been successfully representing individuals in the Divorce matters as well as Family Court matters for over 25 years. In a custody dispute, during trial Mr. Cassar’s client, a father was awarded custody of three (3) young children.

Mr. Cassar, after trial, won one of the most lucrative awards in a contested divorce case in the State of New York. Mr. Cassar's client a healthy 33 year old woman was married for approximately two years and was awarded forty-four thousand dollars in spousal support per year for life. The ex-husband was earning approximately two hundred thousand dollars per year.

In post judgment divorce matter, the ex-husband refused to pay the wife the funds due under the stipulation of settlement. Mr. Cassar filed a motion to hold the ex-husband in the contempt of court. After the contempt hearing, the husband was held in contempt and immediately paid the ex-wife [Mr. Cassar’s client] the funds due including attorney’s fees involving the collection of funds.

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